Bavarian Forest National Park

Wild & fsscinating

The forest in Germany’s first and oldest national park follows its own rules. No human intervention causes this sensitive equilibrium to fluctuate. Unique & wild, a forest landscape – untouched and unlimited – with 320 km of hiking trails,
200 km of well-signposted mountain bike and bicycle trails and 80 km of cross-country ski tracks

Muddy, blooming, earthy, fragrant, rippling – the local flora in the Bavarian Forest National Park impresses with an astonishing diversity of which we can be justly proud. Crystal-clear mountain streams, shimmering lakes and a forest sea that lies like a "green roof" at our feet while up above on the summits of the Rachel (1,453 m, our local mountain!), Arber (1,456 m), Falkenstein 1,315m and Lusen (1,373 m) our eyes can wander across the largest connected woody mountains in Central Europe.

Wherever you look – nature displays its force. Growth and decay conjure up a constantly changing landscape. There’s always a new surprise awaiting.
An endless cycle – and we’re right in the middle of it...

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Falkenstein National Park Centre

Wild & fascinating

How do national park forests become an endless forest wilderness?
A visit to the "Haus zur Wildnis" in Ludwigsthal bei Zwiesel will unveil the solution to this puzzle.

The Bavarian Forest and Šumava National Parks are at the heart of this. The numerous exhibitions are barrier-free and the two route options around the Haus zur Wildnis are no problem for wheelchairs. Various exhibitions, a large 3D cinema, a play area, a national park shop and the national park gastronomy round off the offer

Observe wolves and lynxes up close and watch wild horses and aurochs grazing – The animal enclosures have well-developed paths – perfect for wheelchairs and pushchairs. How it all began.... you can also enjoy a journey into the Stone Age cave.

St. Florian's tip: the main hiking areas and national park facilities are easy to reach with the Igelbus. And the trip is free of charge with the Bavarian Forest ticket and GUTI guest ticket.


Lusen National Park Centre

The 200 hectare animal enclosure provides a natural living space for around 45 local animal species.  A 7 km long circular trail invites you to observe wolves, lynxes, elks, domestic bird species, roes, deer and many other forest inhabitants close up. You should plan around 3 to 4 hours walking time for the complete trail. There are also two options available for shortening the route.

All the paths in the animal enclosures are suitable for wheelchairs - in winter the paths are cleared and gritted. "Hans-Eisenmann-Haus" is the first port of call for your visit to the Lusen National Park Centre. Knowledgeable employees will advise you and provide interesting information leaflets to get you started on your trip through the Lusen National Park Centre..
The botanical and geological sites border Hans-Eisenmann-Haus.

Außerdem ist es nur ein kurzer Fußmarsch zum "weltweit größten Baumwipfelpfad", der hier errichtet wurde. In 8 bis 25 m über dem Waldboden können Sie in unberührter Natur spazieren gehen. Ein Aufzug am Einstieg ermöglicht auch Rollstuhlfahrern und Familien mit Kinderwägen einen unkomplizierten Zugang zum Pfad. ust a short walk away from here you’ll find the “world’s largest tree top walk” that was built here. You can enjoy a walk in unspoilt nature at a height of 8 to 25 m above the forest floor. A lift up to the starting point also provides uncomplicated access to the path for people in wheelchairs and pushchairs.
The 1,300 m long path ends on the platform of the distinctive observation tower
at a height of 44 m – with fantastic views.