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It touches your heart

Our philosophy

Our passion for hospitality contains many ingredients:

a pinch of tranquillity, sensitivity, a large portion of humour, time for romanticism and much, much love.

We season it all with distinct quality awareness in every respect.
Whether when choosing good products for our kitchen, when tasting fine recipes or when carefully assorting selected wines.
We believe that a dish tastes best, when it is prepared with love and with valuable food.

But we understand that quality and appreciation go far beyond the culinary element and often involve even the smallest of gestures. For instance the feel of a hand towel, the smell of fresh bread in the morning, the reliability of a handshake, honest cordiality with eye-contact...

We are so happy to live here in this beautiful slice of home. We love the mentality of the people and the protective mysticism of the Bavarian Forest.
Our affiliation with regional businesses and home producers, domestic agriculture and local artists is close to our hearts and is an important component of our quality promise.
Even our tap water - the Waldwasser (the forest water) - demonstrates our sustainable approach with our local drinking water.

If one were to put together all our hosts’ characteristics and passions, we would say that it is love